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What is IRNIC Handle?

If you have not been a member of this site you can become a member by obtaining a IRNIC Handle. This is a code that will serve as your user name in the site.

How do I obtain a IRNIC Handle?

Go to Create New Handle and fill in personal or institutional specifications. All entries should be filled in Latin alphabet. Please note:
  • Individuals should choose Personal type of handle to complete. Under National ID, you can enter a personal numeric code that will serve to distinguish persons with identical names.
  • Legal Entities should fill out the section under this heading. Companies and other registered entities must their Registration Number.
  • Secret answer is considered as user private information and consider as part of the information needed for user identification
After submitting the form an email including the temporary password will be sent to your inbox. Use this password and your secret answer to setup your “handle password”. You can then login to your account using “handle password”.

How do I change my password?

  • If you are already logged in, use the page Change Password to set a new password.
  • If you forget your password, use the page Reset Password. By entering your handle or your email a temporary password will be sent to your email. You can then login using this password and after answering the Secret Question, you will be able to set a new password.


How do I define a new holder for an old domain?

Domains whose holders are listed as one of the followings: .ir-oldirnic , .iran-oldirnic should follow the steps below:
  1. Obtain a handle with exact information equal to the existing holder as listed in the WHOIS. The Address of this handle has to be approved for old handles or you can use classified handles. You can submit address approval request for unclassified handles IRNIC from. \The latest status of your request can be viewed from handle profile page.
  2. After getting approval, go to My Domains page, select the desired domain and click on set holder to enter the Legal Holder. There will be an authentication process that may take from a few hours up to two days.

How do I transfer a domain?

You should first note that only domains registered in the new IRNIC system or migrated to the new system can be transferred. See above for migration to the new system. Here is what each party has to do:

Transferor (Current holder)

  1. Login with your holder handle.
  2. Go to Domain Transfer page and click on Open Transfer opposite the domain you wish to transfer. You will receive a Pin Code, the Pin code will be indicated in the same row you have clicked to open the Transfer.
  3. Pass the pin to the future-holder.
  4. Wait for the future holder to submit a request for transfer. When the request is submitted, a link for confirming or rejecting the request will be indicated in Domain Transfer page.
  5. If confirmed, The request is sent to IRNIC for approval.
  6. The Registry will ask for documentation depending on the holder status (individual or legal entity).
    1. Holders with address in Iran need to complete this form and fax/email it to IRNIC.
    2. Legal entities should send this as an official letter
    3. Persons should also attach a copy of valid identity along with this from. IRNIC will send different forms to holders with address not in Iran .Conditions for Legal entities or Persons are the same as the ones for holders with Iran address.
  7. If unapproved, the domain status will revert to the originals.

Transferee (new holder)

  1. login with you handle.
  2. If you don't have a IRNIC handle, create a new one using the page “Create New Handle”.
  3. Enter the domain and the Pin Code you have received from the transferor in the section Transfer a Domain to your Account.
  4. Select contacts for the domain you purchase. Please be noted that the handle you are using as the new holder should authorize you to do so (For more information please visit Manage Authorized Relations section in this document). The handle should be either classified-handle or the handle address should be approved.
  5. Pay attention that the one who initiated the domain transfer request (transferee), must pay the transfer fee. If you desire one of the IRNIC resellers to pay the transfer fee f, please give the domain name as well as transfer pin-code and domain-contacts to the respective reseller to initiate domain transfer request for you.
  6. You have to record your acceptance of IRNIC Terms and Conditions and Dispute Resolution Policy by clicking on ‘I Agree’.

  1. Note: the transfer fee is one unit equivalent to 10 Euros.
  2. Your request would not be considered by IRNIC, unless you pay the domain transfer fee,.
  3. The Registry will ask for documentation depending on the holder (individual or legal entity).
    1. Holders with address in Iran may need to complete this form and fax/email it to IRNIC.
    2. Legal entities should send this as an official letter
    3. Persons should also attached a copy of valid Identity to this form
  4. IRNIC will send different forms to holders with address not in Iran .Conditions for Legal entities or Persons are the same as the ones for holders with Iran address. Your request should be approved first by current holder then by IRNIC. You can always check the status of your request from My Orders.

How do I register a domain?

  • Login to IRNIC website using your handle and password. If you have not a IRNIC handle yet, fill in the respective form in the “Create New Handle” page
  • In “Domains” page, click on “Domain Registration” link. After you entered domain name and choose the TLD, click on the button “check domain availability”. Then select the duration of registration, . You can choose between 12 and 60 months. Please select the duration of the registration carefully, it is not possible to change the duration Later.
  • You should then select the domain's contacts including domain holder, administrative contact, and technical contact and billing contact. Please note that if you select a holder other than yours as a contact (holder, administrative, technical, billing), the owner of that holder should authorize you to use his/her handle in the “Manage known Handles” section. For more information about this, please refer to the “Manage Authorized Relations” section in this document. . .
  • Now, you will be redirected to “Checkout Basket” page when you successful finish the domain registration steps. Please note that the domain will not be reserved for you and it is possible for others to register it at any time unless you don't pay the registration fee. This item remains for 30 days in your basket for payment.
  • Upon receiving the payment by IRNIC, the domain is reserved for you and it is impossible for others to reserve it. At this time, your request is sent to registration office for approval. You will be informed about approval/rejection result of your request by email.
  • IRNIC will inform you by email about additional documents that may be required regarding your request. The documents must be sent the requested documents before the expiry date which is usually 10 days after reserving the domain. Please pay attention to this expiry date in all stages; you can see this date by clicking on the domain name in “My Domains” page. Your domain will be suspended and will become available for registration if the registration process is not completed in due time..In this case the any payments concerning this request will be credited to your handle. You can use this credit in your future payments.
  • The latest status of domains is available through your panel in Changes in the domains' status will be informed you by email. A copy of emails which are sent to you by IRNIC can be retrieved from “Message Center” page of your portal.

Payment Methods

How do I pay the cost of my orders?

You can use the following methods for making payment to IRNIC:

Go to the “Orders & Payments” page. , using the “Checkout Basket” link, you can choose between available currencies for your basket, a list including the orders which are payable by the selected currency will be indicated, Use the following methods to pay orders in that list:
  1. Pay by handle credit: If you have enough credit for your handle, this option is available for you.
  2. Pay by contract: If you are a IRNIC reseller with the valid contract with IRNIC and have enough credit in your contract, you can pay your orders this way.
  3. Online payment users holding SHETAB members bank cards with online-banking capability can use this method to make payments through IRNIC merchant accounts with Saman and Parsian banks.
  4. Bank Deposit:
You can deposit money equal to your basket amount to IRNIC's account through any branch Melli Bank. All payments which have been made the day before (Before 00:00 today) can be submitted to IRNIC's Melli Bank verification portal. The information required for submitting the payment is printed on your receipt.


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